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we hate noise, that's no secret. but which noise do you hate?
i hate things falling on the floor or chairs squeaking, or people talking loudly, or digging holes in walls.
i like birds singing and cats mewing, and rain, the sounds of nature and animals.

are aspies stronger than nts?

i mean physically. i'm a female, five two and used to weight a hundred and four pounds when younger. i went to kickboxing school, and when i hit/kicked punching bags and kicking shields, the windows rattled, and people turned their heads. when the guys twice my size and weight did that, the noise wasnt as loud.
i've read in many forums people saying how strong their autistic children are, throwing heavy things and putting holes in walls during a rage attack. are you stronger, quicker? i've got pretty good speed, too.

hi, everyone

I grew up in an intolerant society and undiagnosed. i was very embarrassed about my finger flapping, and my worse fear was that someone will see me stimming when i thought i was alone. my parents put pressure on me to make friends, and it bothered them a lot that i didnt fit in. i was made to feel like a freak.
it was a relief when i ran into a fellow aspie and he told me i'm on the spectrum. i dont mind having asperger syndrome, but the way people try to force you to change is exhausting.

hi, everyone

i grew up undiagnosed in a society that wasnt very tolerant. my parents didnt like that fact that i was different and put a lot of pressure of me to fit in and make friends, be like everyone else.
i met a fellow aspie at one of my jobs (i change them the way other people change socks), and he told me i'm on the spectrum. right away i knew it was true. i've known since kindergarten that i was different than the other children. i even flap my fingers. i started participating in forums for aspies and could relate to everything that was being said, it was amazing.
and now i'm not ashamed of being different anymore. i used to live in terror that someone might have seen me flapping my fingers when i thought i was alone. now i'm not embarrassed anymore, although i dont stim in public. if they have a problem with it, it's their problem and not mine.
i'm glad to meet you all.


Wanted to give a quick greeting post! So hello all! My name is Bryn. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 35. They've gone back and forth between PDD and Aspergers, but once the therapist gets to know me they go with Aspergers. Anyway, I'm under the umbrella.

I live with my wonderfully gorgeous and amazing cat Ruby Cadha. She was a rescue and is a long haired Diluted Tortishell, possible part Cornish Rex. In any event she's gorgeous and I love her dearly. She's my baby.

I also live with my roommate and her cat Gabriel. She works a lot which works good for both of us because although she is one the spectrum she is far more social than I am. Also far more talkative. I like staying home about 95 percent of the time, so this works well. She has made a lot of friends and stuff. She is younger so maybe I just ran out of steam in my older age. (I have other health issues too.).

My interests are Supernatural. My favorite character is Castiel, but I also love Dean, Bobby, Gabriel and Crowley.

Next in the line of interests are LOTR, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter.

Next would be Anime, I am new to this, so patience LOL. My favorites are Black Butler, Fruits Basket, Bleach and Soul Eater so far. I am sure there will be more. never mind all the Manga I have lined up to read. Of course all the Manga of the shows I mentioned.

I really like Japanese style, Kawaii, Decora, happy, cute things. We are moving and my room will hopefully turn out mostly Kawaii!!

My other recent interest is Pokemon. I was given a DSi as a gift and Pokemon Pearl. I can't play many games because of a few health problems, so I was excited to see I can play this one! Plus I always wanted to play Pokemon and I love it! I am making a list of ones I want to collect. I am not sure I can keep it under control. I do love collecting things a lot.

Anyway it is nice to meet all of you! I look forward to talking with each of you.
Hello everyone,

I don't really know even how to start this post....  I've been living outside of US for the past several years.  My son, who turned 3 in September, has been diagnosed this August.  I am planning right now a move back to Pennsylvania, where I grew up and where my parents and most of my family live.  The main reason is that I want my son to have grandpa and grandma in his everyday life.  They are very warm, loving, and giving people, and they get through to him.  I want my son to get the maximum intervention at this crucial age.

He is now in specialized daycare and also works with an SLP at home twice a week.  There are also some pension and disability money and discounts on specialists.

Where do I start with all that in US?  Are there kinder-gardens that are covered by some government plan?  Are there private kinder-gardens for kids on the spectrum? Is there money allotted and from which agencies?  How are SLP, motor skills and other specialists covered?  Is there a page (or pages)  that has all the relevant links and information that I  should look at?

I will appreciate any comment and any information.

Thank You
Does anyone else get fantastically upset with certain types of humor? Like I can't watch most American sitcoms at ALL, I get really anxious at the embarrassing situations that people have in them. I'm not quite sure what this is, maybe a hyper-developed sort of empathy for the characters? But its even if the characters are doing fine sometimes, it's just the situations. I'm still puzzling over exactly what triggers this. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Maybe you all have narrowed it down to what does it and ways to avoid it? Thanks, I would really appreciate some feedback!

autism vs autistic community


I'm a student in Counseling and recently my Human Development professor had us read 3 articles pertaining to the differences between the autism community and the autistic community.

Here they are:

Then he asked us:

What do you think are the implications of this divide?

Are the parent and professional communities acting ethically?

I would love to hear all your thoughts on this topic and these 3 articles.


A Few Questions


I am 50ish, diagnosed Aspergers living in Norfolk and I am of mixed race, so not interested in far right (or far left, no homophobes either). Just making it clear from the start so anyone replying won’t waste their time or mine, especially about (3) forming a group/newsletter etc. 

Please no replies from, or promoting, organisations, firms, corporations or any funded/voluntary groups. I want advice from actual individuals, preferably with AS, or their spouses/family/carers etc.

 I have made artworks, sculptures etc which have no market value which hopefully I would like to go to a good home if anything happens to me (not that I am planning anything to). Could they be stored anywhere? I don’t want them to end up in a skip/landfill in case anyone ever likes them.

 Are there any AS's in Norfolk, especially in their late 40s who would like to contact me about forming a group/printed newsletter/website/anything similar which is run by, and for, AS people and their families, friends, spouses, carers etc. Is there such a group/newsletter/website already in Norfolk/Cambridgeshire/Suffolk/ East Anglia? What are the contact details?

 Any AS’s, preferably in Norfolk (I don’t have transport) who are in to digital video/film/art/photo/music etc and associated programs and software. Wouldn’t mind using an old video camera as well. Need a lot of advice and help as it is a long while since I have made videos.

Can anyone recommend (from personal experience) an advocate for adult autistics and anyone anywhere who can teach social skills and interaction to adult AS’s of 49 onwards?

Has anyone any experience or advice on self-employment by/for autistics especially those of us who can’t do maths therefore can’t manage accounts/tax/VAT etc. Is there anywhere a service which is run by/aware of AS issues and which is affordable if you aren’t making millions a year. Also, can anyone advise on legitimate homeworking schemes (if any) preferably for real established companies with a name and tax code.

Please could you also advise if there are any other places on LiveJournal or anywhere on the Internet where I could post this message? Please do not give me names of organisations or websites belonging to charities/services/funded/government orgs.

Many Thanks

Gargle help?

Anyone have any tips on how to teach an autistic 4 year old how to gargle? He said his throat hurt him, but he doesn't have a fever or runny nose, so I'm hoping to nip any ick in the bud now.